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The Goat Brand Partners with Heifer International for Social Responsibility Inititive

Goat Brands is pleased to announce a partnership with Heifer International for our program for Social Responsibility.  Our partnership with Heifer for Social Responsibility has two objectives:

  • To support families, and specifically women, to help make a positive, long-term impact in some of the world's poorest areas.
  • To help create jobs, improve income, and build hope in these same areas by helping fund small business and improve lives by investing in a market-based approach to economic development.

Why give away a goat?  Because giving away a goat is like teaching someone to fish…

The gift of a goat is one that keeps on giving.  A family that receives a goat gets comprehensive training from Heifer to prepare them in every way to take adequate care of and integrate this goat into their lives. As an economic asset, goats provide families with food and nutrition, as well as a sense of stability; goats are very durable animals!

Heifer International specifically provides women education and training to help care for the goats.  Enabling women to be an integral part of the process empowers women and promotes a women’s self-sufficiency.  As women become skilled in caring for the goats, the family’s finances are strengthened as well as the nutritional and economic landscape in their community.

  And the gift keeps on giving!  The family receiving the goat must pass on the first-born female offspring to another needy family in the community.  They likewise pass on the education and training they received from Heifer to the new family.   The initial family turns into a donor, creating a sense of accomplishment, dignity, and teamwork.

Our partner, Heifer International, has all the necessary infrastructure to ensure that these goats truly make as big an impact as possible. Not only does Heifer deliver the goats to the families and train the families on caring for the goats, Heifer also trains local residents to be Community Animal Healthcare Workers.  These Healthcare Workers keep animals healthy in order to maximize their benefits to families and the communities. For over 70 years Heifer initiated similar projects throughout the globe.

The economic effect of giving a goat to a family far outweighs the cost of the goat.  Heifer International estimates that the gift of a goat transforms “a once impoverished family into full participants who improve and strengthen the bonds within their communities.”  As families learn to care for the goats, provide food for their families and teach others their skills, the community becomes stronger.  New small businesses will thrive in this environment.

Goat Brands believes strongly that if you give a family a fish, they eat for a day.  If you teach a family to fish, they eat for life.  Many of the poorest areas of our world are too far away from sustainable waters.  Goats can live most anywhere!

Goat Brands donates part of each sale to Heifer to fund the gift of goats to families throughout the world - from Arkansas to Zimbabwe!  Consumers purchasing Goat Brand products can also make a donation directly to Heifer during the checkout process.  Finally, Goat Brands will engage in fun contests and events designed to create awareness of Heifer’s international good works, as well as raise additional funds with the objective of giving away more goats and hopefully funding more small businesses throughout the world. 


Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. For more than 70 years, Heifer International has provided livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. Heifer is currently working in nearly 30 countries, including the United States, to help families and communities become more self-reliant. Heifer’s 2020 goal is to help 4 million families achieve living incomes by 2020, which will allow them to feed their families daily; educate all their children; and have proper housing, water, hygiene and other essential resources. For information, visit, read our blog, follow us on Facebook, on Twitter @Heifer or call 888.5HUNGER (888.548.6437).

All donations from Goat Brands as well as any donations made at checkout is for the benefit of Heifer.  Information about Heifer is available by calling 1-800-422-0474, by visiting their website at, and by reviewing Heifer’s Charitable Solicitation Disclosure Statements at



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