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5 GOATS of Football - 5 of the Greatest of All Time

The Greatest Football Players of All Time.  Football GOATS!


As we get ready for the 2017 NFL playoffs we wanted to pay tribute to five of the greatest football players  of all time.


  1. Jerry Rice, wide receiver

As the best wide receiver in history, Rice regularly tops best players’ charts. He holds NFL records in touchdowns with 208, receptions with 1,519 and 22,466 receiving yards in his 20-season career.


  1. Jim Brown, running back

Even though he retired from pro football over 50 years ago, Brown still holds NFL records. Even though he only played nine seasons (usually with only 12 games per season), he had 12,312 rushing yards. Though that record has since been broken, his 5.2-yard-per-carry average is unsurpassed.


  1. Joe Montana, quarterback

Montana wasn’t what coaches pictured as an ideal quarterback, getting picked in the third round of the 1979 NFL draft. Still, Montana knew how to deliver with precision and skill, leading his teams to win four Super Bowl championships. He was named Super Bowl MVP three times.


  1. Walter Payton, running back

Payton wasn’t the most physically impressive player, but his work ethic and determination made him one of the greatest in history. He missed just one start in 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears. Despite his size, Payton always managed to get past linebackers with surprising speed and swiftness. He carried 3,838 times, with 16,726 rushing yards and 110 touchdowns by the time he retired.


  1. Lawrence Taylor, linebacker

Taylor was an explosive defensive player. He has 132 sacks in his 13 seasons with the New York Giants. While his numbers have been passed, Taylor set the standard for sacking the quarterback. His power and intensity on the field are unparalleled.

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